Ultrasonic Food Cutting Equipment With 305mm Blade For Cleanly Surface Slits Products

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Ultrasonic Food Cutting Equipment With 305mm Blade For Cleanly Surface Slits Products


 Product Name  Ultrasonic food cutter
 Brand Name  Altrasonic
 Place of Origin  China
 Frequency  20kHz
 Output power  1000W
 Generator  Digital
 Blade length  125/255/305mm/ Customize
 Blade material  Titanium alloy/ Stainless
 Voltage  220V/110V
 Temperature   0℃-40℃
 Weight  15kg-18kg
 Application  Food Industry
 Power Controller  Stepping or continuous
 Certification  CE
 Packing  Foam+Carton+Wooden box


Cutting systems by Altrasonic are specifically tuned to the individual characteristics and consistency of the material, e.g. cheese, lunch meat or dough. Even warm, fresh, sticky or frozen food can be separated, scored or cut in smaller pieces with ultrasound. Your hugh advantage: The need to stop at the blade can be almost completely eliminated with the use of ultrasound which keeps the edges especially clean.

Durable, low in maintenance and flexible

Compared to mechanical blades, cutting Sonotrodes stay sharp longer and require much less maintenance. In conjunction with our flange converters, a tool change with cutting Sonotrodes is a breeze. This is how Altrasonic keeps your production going.



Knife shapes and dimensions are studied by our technical department after taking into account details such as food thickness, ingredients, dimensions, density and additional special features.

Examples of food which can be sliced using ultrasonic technologies


Energy bars;




Cake rolls;

Sponge cakes;


Turkish delight;




Finger sandwiches;

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