Ultrasonic Automation Welding System In Auto Parts Assembly

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Ultrasonic Automation Welding System In Auto Parts Assembly



Ultrasonic welding technology is a simple, low-cost, high-efficiency and simple permanent assembly technology that can rive and assemble plastic parts with metal parts or other non-weldable components. The welding surface is beautiful, the finish is good, and it is not easy to crack and embrittle. The technology has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable structure, no vibration, no noise, no pollution, and high processing quality.


Welding type: Ultrasonic Staking Welding

Frequency: 70kHz

Power: 1000W

Weight of welder: 1.0kg

Generator: Digital


1. Small size, simple operation, fast cleaning; using modular integrated circuits, strong power output;

2. Built-in automatic protection circuit, safe to use, stable and reliable. The welding surface is firm, high strength, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

3. It is quick and convenient to replace different ultrasonic welding heads according to the size of the riveting point of the product to be welded and the welding requirements.


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