Ultrasonic Advanced 20Khz Plastic Welding with High Power 3300w with New Technology

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Ultrasonic Advanced 20Khz Plastic Welding with High Power 3300w with New Technology



Ultrasonic welding equipment can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of the parts being welded. The parts are sandwiched between a fixed shaped nest (anvil) and a sonotrode (horn) connected to a transducer, and a ~20 kHz low-amplitude acoustic vibration is emitted. (Note: Common frequencies used in ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics are 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 30 kHz, 35 kHz, 40 kHz and 70 kHz). When welding plastics, the interface of the two parts is specially designed to concentrate the melting process. One of the materials usually has a spiked energy director which contacts the second plastic part. The ultrasonic energy melts the point contact between the parts, creating a joint. This process is a good automated alternative to glue, screws or snap-fit designs. It is typically used with small parts (e.g. cell phones, consumer electronics, disposable medical tools, toys, etc.) but it can be used on parts as large as a small automotive instrument cluster.
















Output Power






Welding Capability

130 m/m φ

160 ~ 200 m/m φ

160 ~ 200 m/m φ

160 ~ 200 m/m φ

8 ~ 20 m/m φ


420 x 630 x 920 mm

420 x 630 x 920 mm

420 x 630 x 920 mm

420 x 630 x 920 mm

420 x 630 x 920 mm

Net Weight

95 kg

110 kg

110 kg

110 kg

95 kg

Line Source

220V 10A

220V 10A  / 220V 15A

220V 10A  / 220V 15A

220V 10A  / 220V 18A

220V 5A





Toy industry: such as toy gun, water gun, telephone and rag baby etc.

Electronic industry: The gum case of watch, nylon watch band, calculator, sound box wraps hull, cell phone battery etc.

Car industry: Car light.

Pack an industry: Disguise box, PVC packing box, toothpaste tube etc.

General business ware: The typewriter color take, video cassette rack, tape box, computer disk etc.

Competitive Advantage:


1High Stability: All-digital integrated circuits, use of US imports of high-performance processors interference, while reducing the number of components, simplify the hardware structure, thereby improving the reliability of the system.

 2Automatic Frequency Tracking: Digital frequency synthesis technology combined with digital phase-locked loop frequency tracking of complex control technology, can eliminate the temperature, static load, machining area, tool wear and other factors drift disadvantages of conventional analog regulator insurmountable, conducive parameter adjustment, easy modification by software, easily adjust the control scheme and achieve a variety of new control strategies.

3Strong Output: The use of IGBT power modules plus his excited oscillation circuit structure, the output power is more than 1.5 times that of conventional self-excited circuit.

 4、Be set to store 100 different mold welding parameters. In the equipment to find the best welding parameters of each mold and stored as a group, the next adjustment can choose to save the corresponding parameters of the group can be automatically adjusted to the best parameters.

 5、Intelligent three protection and fault alarm: Die-current protection, frequency offset protection, total output is too large to protect. Equipment failure, the generator will stop working, and make the appropriate cause of the malfunction prompts until technician troubleshooting.

 6、Intelligent closed-loop amplitude control technology to achieve the amplitude adjustment, independent of input voltage and load fluctuation affect the amplitude of the output remains constant.

 7、Six kinds of welding modlethree kinds of trigger flexible switching, according to product characteristics to choose the best welding method, make up for the lack of traditional welding mode, the welding accuracy is higher, the effect is better.

8、Amplitude stepless adjustment: Amplitude can instantly increase or decrease in the adjustment process, also can be micro adjusted, can effectively prevent the perfect size pieces of plastic welding, effectively reducing wear shock, burns and so on. Defective amplitude setting range of 10% to 100%.

9、The mold can be welded to each product the best parameter set stored in the corresponding number, the next use can be directly selected to store the parameters of the number of use, each part of the parameters can be restored when the storage parameters

10、welding record query, support for download.

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