The characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric effect

2021-05-27 13:45:25

Ceramics that have a "piezoelectric effect" on ultrasonic transducers are called piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric ceramics are usually formed by chemical reactions between several oxidizing compounds or carbonic acid compounds during the sintering process. The manufacturing process is similar to that of ordinary electronic ceramics.

Piezoelectric ceramics are the preferred choice for making ultrasonic transducers because of their high physical strength, chemical inertness and relatively cheap manufacturing costs. Piezoelectric ceramics can be used to make items such as ultrasonic transducers, ceramic capacitors, sensors and actuators.

Piezoelectric ceramics are man-made piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric materials are materials that can generate electricity due to mechanical stress. When a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric material deforms. All piezoelectric materials are non-conductive in order to produce a piezoelectric effect and work.

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