N95 Blank Mask Produciton Line with PLC Control System

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N95 Blank Mask Produciton Line with PLC Control System 



N95 masks are generally composed of multiple layers: non-woven layer, anti-sticking layer, melt-blown layer, and filter layer. What is important inside the N95 mask is the barrier layer (ie the filter layer) or the meltblown layerThis machine is mainly used for automatic forming of N95 face masks. After the entire roll of fabric is unrolled, it is driven by rollers, and the fabric is automatically folded and wrapped. Nose bridge rolls unrolled by traction. 



1. The production equipment has stable performance, high yield, low defect rate and easy to operate.

2. Advanced equipment for feeding and rewinding the materials.

3. Intergrated design, it can complete all the work by itself.

4. PLC  automatic controlling.

5. A high degree of automation which can save  labor  cost and energy, once  non woven raw material in unwinding part use up, the machine can automatically stop.And it is safe,doing no damage to the workers.The elastic on both ends of face masks will automatically convey and cut.

6. Alumium alloy frame which is light and strong.

7. The preset type quantitative integration output, stacked neatly, never fragmented, sanitation and reliability.

8. Its products are of high quality that are mainly used in hospitals and clinics.

9. Stable operation and outstanding performance.



Capacity: 40-50 pcs / min;

Air source: 0.4 to 0.6MPa, dry air;

Power: 220VA ± 5%, 50Hz, 5500Watt

Ultrasonic Frequency: 15kHz

Ultrasonic Power: 2600Watt




Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.


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