More Freedom for Antenna Embedding by Ultrasonic Technical with More Durable Cards

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More Freedom for Antenna Embedding by Ultrasonic Technical with More Durable Cards


The existing ultrasonic embedding wire embossing machine basically adopts a professional motion controller with a high-speed CPU to ensure the high-speed response of complicated mechanical actions and complete complex multi-axis motion control so as to realize the precision embedding of complex products. The vacuum suction plate Absorbing material embedding, effectively ensure the accuracy of the antenna embedding a smooth; embedding thread buried by ultrasonic technology, the entire process of program control fully automatic operation, easy operation, stable and reliable operation; using two automatic cycle switching workbench Plate, refueling without downtime, high production efficiency; each group of buried wire antenna group are independent units, both at the same time, you can also choose one of the groups at the same time work, high flexibility. Winding process than the traditional winding machine to be fast, save manpower, and more stable performance.


Frequency 70khz
Power 500w
Power Adjusting Step or continuous
Switch Handle , foot switch,or linked outside
Working Time control 0-999seconds
Generator Digital generator
Cable 2M, national standard
The threading hole Ø0.5m or design according to customers' need
Cooling down method Compressed air
Outer housing aluminium or nylon

The Advantage of Smart card antenna welding machine, smart card spot welding machine, smart card antenna implant:

1. Intelligent search frequency, lengthening the life of buried line 2-3 times.

2. Do not dip tin before welding, reduce the process and cost.

3. Matching powerful, buried head and ultrasonic generator can be interchangeable.

4. Multi-point power control, high-speed embedding, consistency is good.

5. Solving the problem of equipment heating when embedded, can work for a long time.

6. Standardized design can directly replace imported products, environmental protection and safety.


The equipment is used for the coil embedded in a smart card.

There are 3 different technique to produce PVC Card Inlay, pre-winding, ultrasonic and Flip.

Among them, the cards made by Flip will have very flat surface, and very thinner thickness; for ultrasonic, it has the best working performance no matter for the reading distance, or the card's surface; also, the cost of pre-winding is more cheaper than ultrasonice and Flip.


Antenna layouts, which previously depended on the position of the chip, now can be produced and placed freely and independently. Production steps, such as cutting the antenna free for producing an electrically conductive connection between the module and antenna—as was previously required for the production of dual interface cards—are no longer necessary. Since the mechanical-electrical connection is no longer needed, the cards are much more durable.


The most basic prerequisite for the function of this technology is the embedding of the antennas with consistent quality and uniform frequency even when using 12 wire-embedding heads. Particularly when embedding antennas with very small winding distances, high precision is a must. In the future, mechanical engineers from the area of RFID inlay production will have to face this challenge in order to remain competitive on the market.

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