High Power Seamless Ultrasonic Sewing Machine with 20kHz Analog Genarator For Non-woven Bags

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High Power Seamless Ultrasonic Sewing Machine with 20kHz Analog Genarator For Non-woven Bags

Description :

Ultrasonic sewing machine is suitable for various kinds of application. Compared with traditional sewing machine , it has sevral times faster speed , and shows well effect. One of the feature is seamless connection , which can improve the visual beauty of the finished product.


Specifications :

Item No.: HS-S20

Frequency : 20kHz

Power : 2000watt

Generator : Analog

Speed : 0-15 m/min

Welding horn diameter : <70mm

Weight : 95KG

Warranty : 1 Year

Construction :

1. Frame

2. Rotary wheel

3. Pressure roller drive part

4. Steel mold rotation part

5. Ultrasonic generator

6. Ultrasonic transducer

7. Electrical control part

Advantages :

1. Built-in PC chip and multi-loop ultrasonic protection system make the machine run safely.

2. Powerful ultrasonic power, three adjustable gears (maximum, middle and minimum), meet the welding requirements of different materials and thicknesses.

3. The performance of the machine has reached the international level, and it has an automatic frequency tracking system and ultrasonic soft start technology.

4. Various roller styles, easy to replace, other roller designs can be provided according to customer requirements.

5. Four times faster than sewing machine, minimum training for operators, easy operation and reduced labor cost.

6. Two or more layers of fabric are stitched together, no need to replace needles and threads, and the welding strength is good.

Applications : 

Tent , raincoat , disposable operating coat and hat , disposable mask , ribbons , decorative products , handkerchiefs , tablecloths , non-woven fabric cloth , PP/Non woven bags and so on..

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