High Performance Ultrasonic Food Cutting with Smooth Edge for Cheese and Bread

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Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife producing a nearly frictionless surface which does not deform food products and to which they do not stick. The surface cleanly cuts or slits products including fillers such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels without displacement or plowing.


Compared to conventional cutters, ultrasonic food cutter are more sanitary, with less down time, better cost-effectiveness and increased consistency at the cutting surface where the blades stay sharp longer.

They are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. They can be attached to automated machinery arms.


In the ultrasonic cutter, the piezoelectric element generates a force that resonates the whole body, from the transducer to the blade tip, generating a large vibration at the tip. The oscillator periodically generates voltage to resonate and drive the transducer. Using a component of the ultrasonic cutter called the horn to wring the cross-sectional area, from the piezoelectric element to the blade tip, can obtain a larger vibration.


The difference between traditional cutting and ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting machine is the use of wave energy for cutting equipment, the main t feature is not to use the traditional edge.
The traditional cutting utilizes a tool with a sharp edge to press the cutting material. The pressure is concentrated at the edge of the blade, the pressure is very large, more than the shear strength of the cutting material , then the material is cut open. As the material is cut by a strong pressure, so the cutting tool edge should be very sharp and the material itself has to bear the relatively large pressure. Therefore the cutting effect for the soft, flexible material is not good, especially more difficult for sticky material.








Length of the blade



AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Controller

stepping or continuous

Material Of Cutting Head

stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel.

Machine Wight



foot switch, additional blade

Cooling Device

compressed air mouth can be installed.

Cable Length

3M or customized

Foot Switch





Food industry approved titanium blade;

Horn designs for long life and amplitude accuracy;

Greatly reduced normal down time for clean up;

High speed slicing;

Provides a new way to cut piece, cutting, steering, and transfer alignment or different kinds of food;

Makes the cost of production flow minimization;

Especially for cutting high viscosity food;

Cutting is very hygienic;

The cut food looks neat and beautiful;

Suitable for automated assembly line, do not have to make a lot of changes to the original line, saving production costs.



Bakery and snack foods,

Candy and confectionery cheese/Fish/Prepared meat/Vegetable/Health Bars;

Chocolates, sandwich and wrap cutting;

Dry fruit;



Processed meat;

Ground meat;

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