High Frequency 2000Watt Power Ultrasonic Welding System with Booster

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High Frequency 2000Watt Power Ultrasonic Welding System with Booster


Facing the Covid-19 epidemic , surgical mask is in general needed. Ultrasonic Welding System is used in mask making machine, and made a big role in production. 20kHz ultrasonic system is suitable for welding 3ply surgical mask, sealing plane mask , etc. The whole system contains generator , transducer with booster and steel horn. Considering traditional welding machine , Ultrasonic welding system can weld non-woven fabrics well, environmentally friendly, sterile, efficient and strong.


Frequency: 20kHz

Max Power: 2000Watt

Voltage: 110V / 220V, 50-60Hz

Working Temperature:5°C - 50°C


Steel horn: 110*20mm


1. The use of high-quality electronic components assembly.

2. Advanced and reliable protection circuit makes the reliability is greatly improved.

3. FM and frequency automatic compensation, frequency of the digital display.

4. Frequency deviation, working current two meter indication and protection function.

5. According to the customer request interface plug.

6. Has the advantages of simple structure, easy to repair, cheap.

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