Giving is happier than receiving

2019-06-24 13:09:46

Giving is happier than receiving

On June 24, 2019, it was Altrasonic's weekly English speaking time. This week, our foreign trade salesman Nicole shared a short story with us.


This Christmas, Paul's brother gave him a brand new high-end sports car as a Christmas present, which is what Paul dreamed of. He drives a sports car everywhere, always attracting the envy of passers-by.


On this day, when Paul came out of his office, he saw a little boy walking down the street in his shiny new car. He touched it from time to time, and his face was envious. .


Paul looked at the little boy with interest. From his clothes, his family obviously did not belong to his own class. Just then, the little boy looked up and found Paul, so he said to Paul: "Sir, is this your car?"


“Yeah,” Paul said with great pride. “This is a Christmas present that my brother gave me.”


The little boy widened his eyes: "You mean, this car is a Christmas gift that your brother gave you, but you don't have to spend a penny. Right?"


Looking at the little boy who was surprised, Paul felt ridiculous. But he nodded politely to him.


The little boy cried: "Wow, that's great! I hope too..."


Paul confidently thought he knew what the little boy wanted to say. He must say that he hopes to have such a brother.


But what the boy said was a surprise to Paul. He muttered with great happiness: "I hope, I hope I can become such a brother."


Paul was deeply touched. He began to like this little boy, so he asked him: "Young man, willing to take my car for a ride?"


The little boy agreed with great joy.


After a long walk, the little boy suddenly turned and said to Paul: "Sir, can you bother to drive the car to my door? Please!"


Paul smiled slightly. He understood the little boy's thoughts: Sitting in a big, beautiful car, it was a very fascinating thing in front of the little friend. But what Paul didn't realize was that he guessed it wrong this time.


"Trouble you stop at the two steps, wait for me?" The little boy jumped out of the car, ran up the steps in two steps and entered the house in two steps.


After a while, he came out again. But he is carrying a little boy, it should be his brother. The little boy, holding a foot because of polio. He placed his brother on the lower steps, sat down next to him, and then pointed to Paul's new car and said to his brother, "Is it? Just like I told you upstairs, it is beautiful, right? It’s a Christmas gift that his brother gave him. He doesn’t have to spend a penny! One day, I will send you a car like this. You can see the window I’ve been telling you. Those beautiful Christmas gifts. And you can drive it around for a ride, to your favorite seaside, in the forest..."


Paul's eyes are wet. He walked out of the car and hugged the little brother with inconvenient legs and legs into the car. His brother's eyes flashed with joy and climbed up. So the three started an unforgettable holiday trip.


In this Christmas, Paul understands the truth: giving is more happier than accepting.


In life, we always like people around us to give more care to themselves. They always ask for their parents and ask them to give more thoughtfulness. I hope that my friends will give us some understanding. I hope that teachers can give us more encouragement and care. ...but have we thought that others also need our efforts? In fact, when we can pay for the people around us, you will feel that giving is far more happier than accepting.

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