Fast & Simple Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction

2020-07-28 10:15:55


Fast & Simple Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction 

1. To meet the rising demand and to supply cannabinoids of high quality, an efficient and reliable cannabis extraction method is substantial. Ultrasonic extraction is proven to shorten the extraction time and to increase yield considerably.

2. With power ultrasound, cannabis extraction gets faster, more complete and highly efficient. The ultrasonic extraction is simple and reliable.

3.  Altrasonic’s ultrasonic extractors are available from lab to full industrial scale.



Ultrasonic Extraction of Cannabinoids and Terpenes 


Sonication applies intense shear forces and stress to the medium and releases thereby high extract yields in a very short extraction time. This means that the extraction process of active substances such as cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant can be substantially increased. Ultrasonic extraction can be performed with a broad variety of solvents. Depending on its subsequent use, active substances from cannabis are extracted e.g. in butane, CO2, propane, etc, when the extracts are utilized for inhalation. For the preparation of extracts for oral ingestion, ethanol, cyclohexane, isopropanol, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. are preferred as solvents. Hielscher Ultrasonics offers you the suitable extraction equipment – whether you need a small or mid-scale extractor, a pilot or an industrial system, Altrasonic’s ultrasonicators meet your requirements. 



1. short extraction time 

2. high extraction rate 

3. more complete extraction 

4. mild, non-thermal treatment 

5. easy integration and safe operation 

6. no hazardous / toxic chemicals, no impurities 

7. low cost 

8. energy-efficient 

9. green extraction: environmental-friendly


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