Excellent Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine Used In Stackable Conveyor Belt

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Excellent Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine Used In Stackable Conveyor Belt


 Product Name  Ultrasonic food cutter
 Brand Name  Altrasonic
 Place of Origin  China
 Frequency  20kHz
 Output power  1000W
 Generator  Digital
 Blade length  125/255/305mm/ Customize
 Blade material  Titanium alloy/ Stainless
 Voltage  220V/110V
 Temperature   0℃-40℃
 Weight  15kg-18kg
 Application  Food Industry
 Power Controller  Stepping or continuous
 Certification  CE
 Packing  Foam+Carton+Wooden box


Ultrasonic cake cutting system developed by Altrasonic uses high-frequency wave vibration to quickly process food, eliminating the downtime caused by the continuous cleaning of conventional cutting blades.

Ultrasonic cake cutting systems provide a new approach to cutting, slicing, and automatically turning to handle a variety of foods, making the production process, waste minimization and maintenance costs the lowest.

Ultrasonic food slicing equipment is the use of ultrasonic energy generated 2000 times per second high-frequency vibration between the blade and food to establish a surface almost no friction, so there will not stick and squeeze the problem. Since the friction is greatly reduced, the blade is practically free of any wear.




• Use of ultrasonic energy cutting to reduce friction

• Non-stick, smooth and neat cut

• Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, including cream products can adapt

• Cutting constant temperature, high temperature, low temperature can be cut

• Significant increase in processing speed

• No crumbs or broken edges

• Multi-layer products cut, can maintain the level of cross-color

• Use ultrasonic energy cutting to reduce friction





It can be widely used in bakery products such as sliced cream multi-layer cake, sandwich mousse cake, jujube cake, steamed sandwich cake, Napoleon, Swiss roll, brownie, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwich sandwich.

Can be divided into various shapes of baked goods and frozen food, such as round, square, fan-shaped, triangular and so on. And can be customized according to customer special needs and existing conditions of the ultrasonic solution, welcome to sample test.


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