Automobile Wheel Cover Sound Insulation Cotton Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

2019-10-22 11:11:58


Automobile wheel cover sound insulation cotton ultrasonic spot welding sample

The automobile wheel cover sound insulation cotton is welded firmly at all points to meet the customer's pulling requirements.

Car wheel cover sound insulation cotton is relatively thick, using imported ultrasonic welding system.

Features of ultrasonic welding machine for multi-head edge of automobile wheel hub sound-absorbing cotton wrap

1. Adopt imported ultrasonic system and ultrasonic welding of letters;

2. Use safety grating, emergency stop button, alarm and other safety devices;

3. Imported aluminum is used for soundproof cotton bottom die tooling of automobile wheel cover;

4. Adopt brand PLC control system to control ultrasonic welding head;

5. Each ultrasonic welding head is equipped with separate cylinder control.


Most auto parts manufacturers use multi-head ultrasonic non-standard equipment for welding, for welding is not strong points can be used to repair welding hand-held ultrasonic welding machine.

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