Application principle of ultrasonic homogenizer

2021-05-26 17:08:28

Ultrasonic extraction is widely used to release valuable intracellular substances from plant materials. Target extracts include lipid / fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, polyphenols, and other biologically active compounds. As a process strengthening technology, ultrasonic extraction oil, such as a special primary virgin olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, etc., can improve the yield of oil (fatty acid), shorten the extraction time and reduce or avoid use Solvent consumption.

As a non-thermal extraction technology, the working principle of ultrasound assist extraction is based on acoustic airization. Acoustics also known as ultrasonic cavitation produces a strong shear force, which will damage the cell wall and increase the mass transfer between the internal and the surrounding solvent. Since the ultrasonic auxiliary extraction is a non-heat treatment method, the thermal detection of thermally sensitive nutrient compounds can be prevented. Ultrasound extraction of edible oil at low temperatures can avoid the heat-inducing decomposition of extract oil and minimize the loss of biologically active compounds. Ultrasound extraction high quality edible oil has higher yields and fewer processing times.

Ultrasonic extraction can be used to extract a single method of extracting edible oil from seed and rich fruit, or it can also be integrated or modified to conventional existing oil production equipment to increase oil production and quality. Ultrasonic extraction equipment is easy to install, only small space (small area is small), so it can be modified into the existing oil plant. Industrial ultrasound extraction machines have a strong durable and industrial-grade feature, which can operate all day in heavy load and harsh environments.

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