Apparel Industry Application Equipment Lace can Be Designed with Ultrasonic Roller Sewing Machine

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Product Details

Apparel Industry Application Equipment Lace can Be Designed with Ultrasonic Roller Sewing Machine

Description :

This model optimizes the internal structure of the chassis, with high power and low failure rate; through the touch screen control, data input is convenient, the machine settings can be input/changed on the LCD display, and the password protection restricts the access to operating data and operations More convenient; the application of automatic frequency tracking system and ultrasonic soft start technology makes the performance of this machine reach a certain level. Ultrasonic double-roller radial wave has the characteristics of fast welding speed, high strength, good flatness, beautiful welding seam, good sealing, and simple operation. It is the development direction of sewing machines.

Specification :

 Item No  HS-WS20
 Frequency  20 kHz
 Power  1500 watt
 Generator  Digital
 Welding width  Maximum 16 mm
 Opeartion speed  50-60 m/min
 Pressure roller  Customization
 Sewing thickness  0-5 mm
 Net weight  95 KG
 Size  1200*600*1200 mm


Product function :

1. Trimming: Single-sided straight or curved cutting, and edge melting treatment, so that the edge is smooth and not rough, without burrs.

2. Stitching: Two or more layers are stitched together, wireless needleless instead of stitching and the welding strength is good, the fabric stitching is tighter, and the product quality is more stable. With continuous processing, automatic feeding, fast speed, high efficiency and uniform quality.

3. Hollowing: cut out various pattern holes and do welding treatment.

4. Strip cutting: single or multiple strips of material can be opened and cut at the same time. And do fusion edge treatment without burrs.

5. Forming: cutting, stitching, and embossing at the same time, so that the product is formed at one time.

Product features :

1. The flower wheel structure is reasonable, the alignment and point alignment are more intuitive in the use and operation, and the good visibility greatly improves the yield. Low working noise, good welding effect, no need for needle and thread, saving cost and avoiding needle breakage, it is a leader in ultrasonic machinery industry.

2. There are many kinds of pattern patterns and high interchangeability. Various shapes, curves, etc. can be processed only by changing wheels (designs can be provided according to customer requirements). When welding or trimming, no smoke or sparks are emitted. The danger of high frequency, hot seam and air pollution are eliminated. The flower wheel has a long life and high accuracy.

3. The speed of the flower wheel and the speed of the lower die are both multi-turn stepless adjustment, which makes the speed adjustment wider, which is more conducive to the adjustment and tracking of speed parameters during production, which greatly improves the yield.

4. The pattern is made of imported steel, which is super wear-resistant and durable. It will not be hot after long-term use, which ensures the stability of fabric welding quality, improves productivity and reduces production costs.

5. In addition to providing high-quality pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, we also have an excellent product process technical team, which can provide diversified process technical support according to customer needs.

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