Aluminum 4pcs Ceramic Ring 35kHz 1000Watt Ultrasonic Converter

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Aluminum 4pcs Ceramic Ring 35kHz 1000Watt Ultrasonic Converter


 Item No.  HS-3535-4D
 Frequency  35 kHz
 Power  1000 watt
 Capacitance  6.6-7.4 nF
 Diameter of Ceramic  35 mm
 Qty of Ceramic  4 pcs
 Connect Screw  M8*1




The ultrasonic generator energizes the transducers by transforming the electrical energy from the power source into a suitable form for efficiently energizing the transducers at the desired frequencies. The generator produces a high-voltage electronic pulse, sending it to the transducers. When the transducers receive the pulse, they respond by changing shape as long as the signal is applied. Most generators are designed in modules that operate a specific number of transducers. 


1. High efficiency

2. Large amplitude

3. Low heat

4. Stable output unaffected by variations in load

5. Competitive pricing

6. Fast delivery





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