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Product Details

 Portable Design Ultrasonic food Cutter For Cutting Cake


Frequency 28 kHz
Output power 800 Watt
Generator Digital
Length of blade 220 mm
Blade material Titanium alloy 
Voltage 220V/110V
Temperature  0℃~40℃
Weight 9kg
Application Food Industry
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, PayPal
Certification CE


Ultrasonic food cutting uses high-frequency vibratory knives. Applying ultrasonic vibration to a cutting tool creates a nearly frictionless cutting surface and can slice a multitude of food products cleanly without smearing. 


1. Clean cuts improve visual appeal for multilayer products and they reduce fragmentation for fillers such as nuts and raisins.

2. Ultrasonic technology enhances the cut quality and consistency.

3. Ultrasonic cutting blades can cut a wide range of materials while reducing required cutting forces by up to 75% and greatly increasing cutting speed and productivity rates.

4. Easy to operate, no need professional person, save time and labor force.

5. It is suitable for the food products which include different hardness foods such as Cheese, Cake and bread, Pizza, candy, nuts and dried fruits.





1. Food cutting 

2. Cake cutting 

3. Cheese bread flour cutting 

4. Cookie cut 

5. Candy

6. Pizza cheese butter cutting

7. Frozen meat cake, aquatic plant fiber, nut cutting 

8. All kinds of soft material cutting

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