Advanced Ultrasonic Machine for Textile Bonding, Cutting and Sealing

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Product Details

Advanced Ultrasonic Machine for Textile Bonding, Cutting and Sealing 


The applicable materials of ultrasonic wave sealing and cutting include: 100% of synthetic fiber, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, some polyethylene, modified acrylic resin, vinyl compounds, carbamate compounds, thin films, coated paper, etc. It also includes synthetic fiber mixing 35 to 50% of synthetic fiber composition.Ultrasonic can cut and sew at the same time, preventing the knitted or textile materials to be off-line. It has slot edge taper avoiding pilling. The application includes cutting, carpet ornaments, clothing labels, curtains, cable materials and industrial woven belt etc..







AC110V/AC220V, 50/60Hz

Power Controller:

Stepping or Continuous

Material of Blade: 

stainless steel

Machine Weight: 

16kgs (including the generator)


Foot switch, Additional blade

Cooling Device:

Compressed air mouth can be installed

Cable Length:

2M or Customized


* Cutting the fabric with no scattered side, mo hardening, smooth and beautiful.

* Can be hand held or installed om machines and line, easy operation.

* Power adjustable, can connect with the clients control system.

* Safe separation and sealing of the workpiece during operation.

* Beautiful and closed cutting edge.

* Special fabric cutting blade, cutting high quality, easy to replace.

* Completely replace the resistance heat knife cutting process, energy saving and environment protection.



Mainly used in chemical fiber textile, geotextile, woven cloth, plastic film and non-woven processing and weaving industry, woven fabric containing polypropylene, polypropylene thermoplastic material composition.

Why choose Altrasonic:

1. OVERSEA SERVICE TEAM. We now have agents in India, Austrilia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia,  Germany, and other country still being discussing.

2. Innovation. Altrasonic R&D and marketing staffs to constantly explore new applications in the field of ultrasound, and the importance of team spirit of cooperation.

3. Half the price, double the value. Every product reach you have been test in our company three times, and with 72 hours continuously working, to confirm it is well before you get it. Also we always learn from foreign company, to upgrade our products.

4. Good components. Ceramic mainly imported from German, and using the superior quality aluminum, titanium raw materials.

5. Individual Customize. We can customize products according to your requirements, Also supply OEM service. Customize ultrasonic solution for different applications.

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