60Khz Ultrasonic Smart Card Metal Wire Welding Machine High Speed Production

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60Khz  Ultrasonic Smart Card Metal Wire  Welding  Machine  High Speed Production

Brief Introduction:

Ultrasonic smart card welding equipment transmitted ultrasonic energy through welding parts to welding area, local high temperature will happen due to high acoustic resistance between two welding interface places. Also, no enough time dissipating out heating energy timely because of poor plastic thermal conductivity, heating energy gathered in welding area since could not dissipating out timely, the two plastic contact areas will welt rapidly, coupled with a certain pressure, it makes fusion to one unite. When ultrasonic stop function, and keep the pressure sustain to make its solidification molding, finally forming a strong molecular chain, which achieve the purpose of welding. And the welding strength can close to raw material body strength.






Power Adjusting

Step or continuous


Handle , foot switch,or linked outside

Working Time control



Digital generator


2M,  national standard

The threading hole

Ø0.5m or design according to customers' need

Cooling down method

Compressed air

Outer housing

aluminium or nylon

Components and Parts




Welding Horn

Protective Sleeve (Nylon and Aluminum optional)

HF Cable

Power Cable


1.steady welding point, completely eradicate insufficient solder technically.

2.the size of welding spots is the same, equality line, good effect on uniformity

3.the welding spot is small, wouldn’t increase the weight of the coil, easy to do lamination and encapsulation

4.to leave out the immersion tin step before doing welding ,save an operator.

5. after skilled in welding, much faster than the way to use searing iron to do weld.

6.on the process on manufacturer, there is no waste gas, waste rubbish on pollution, runs in quiet and no noise.

7.to select the the frequency 60KHz, one machine could drive 5-10 ultrasonic products, the speed to do welding is much faster.

8.low power consumption, to save production cost for manufacturer enterprise.

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