40KHz ultrasonic cutting edge sealing machine hand held or Rack-mounted

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40KHz ultrasonic cutting edge sealing machine hand held or Rack-mounted


* Ultrasonic cutting edge sealing machine consists of the ultrasonic generator(drive power) and ultrasonic host (cutting) two parts.

* Through the Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, first adhesive fabric, and then cut the fabric and cut edge.

* To be installed on machines or lines, cutting the fabric with no scattered side, no hardening, smooth and beautiful, operation safe and reliable.

* Mainly used in chemical fiber textile, geotextile, woven cloth, plastic film and non-woven processing and weaving industry, woven fabric containing polypropylene, polypropylene thermoplastic material composition. 



* Hand held or rack-mounted, according to loom construction and cutting process to the other design

* Type: 40Khz

* Edge width: 10/20mm

* Cutting speedAccording to the material thickness, composition, warp and weft density and loom operating speed for synchronous adjustment.

* Installation method: the rear of the host has diam 30mm perforation for fixing to the poles of the loom( parallel to the width of the width of the fabric)

* Cutting blade:Alloy roller knife, can also be customized ceramic blade

* Generator320*320*120mmL*W*H) weight: 6.3kg

* Vibration parts 210*70*260mmL*W*H) weight: 4kg



* Cutting the fabric with no scattered side, mo hardening, smooth and beautiful.

* Can be hand held or installed om machines and line, easy operation.

* Power adjustable, can connect with the clients control system.

* Safe separation and sealing of the workpiece during operation.

* Beautiful and closed cutting edge.

* Special fabric cutting blade, cutting high quality, easy to replace.

* Completely replace the resistance heat knife cutting process, energy saving and environment protection.




1. For thermal plastic gate cutting and flush cutting.

2. For non-woven or woven cutting,textile cutting, fabric cutter, curtain cutting,window blind fabric

3. For rubber, PVC, leather plastic, cardboard, acrylic, polyprolene and so on cutting.

4. For tape and film cutting .

5. For paper cutting,printing industry cutting.

6. For package material cutting

7. For the automotive industry cutting

Why choose Altrasonic

1. Cost-benefit, we will work out the best program with reasonable price for you after testing. we also have one year warranty for none human damage, in this period factory will responsible for all damages. After warranty, we will offer repair and new spare parts for customer with economical price.

2. Purchase process is very convenient and efficient, we will deal with customers case within 24 hour, and it often take 3-4 days to delivery goods from here to your company via international express. Our general lead time is around 7-15days.

3.Strictly quality control, our product will do 3 times aging test and 48 hours working time for stability test before sending out.




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