4000W Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Various Wiring Harness , Light Weight

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4000W Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Various Wiring Harness , Light Weight



Ultrasonic wiring harness welding is use of high-frequency vibration wave to the two welding wire to be welded surface. In the case of pressurization, the two wire harness surfaces are rubbed against each other to form a fusion between the molecular layers. The advantages of ultrasonic wiring harness welding are high-speed, energy saving, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no spark and close to cold working. The disadvantages of ultrasonic wiring harness welding are metallic parts can’t be too thick(generally less than or equal to 5mm ), the welding bit can’t be too big and need to be pressurized.


  • Equipment power is divided into 2000W, 3000W and 4000W
  • one-time welding molding, welding area from 0.5mm² to 50 mm² (more big welding area is in developing)
  • Electronic protection circuit for safety
  • Integrated design, advanced equipment structure, small size and light weight, beautiful appearance, easy to carry and move
  • PLL phase-locked frequency tracking technology is adopted to ensure the welding effect
  • Easy to operate, lower labor cost
  • good electrical conductivity after welding,low or almost zero resistance coefficient
  • short welding time without any flux, gas and solder, which is green and the most advanced electrical connection technology currently.




Item No.








Welding area




Working air pressure









220V ±20%, 50/60Hz

220V ±20%, 50/60Hz

220V ±20%, 50/60Hz





Altrasonic series ultrasonic harness welding machine could weld the harness area from 0.5mm²to 50mm². It is mainly apply to overlap welding of automoble wiring harness cable, wire head molding,wire inter-welding,multi-wire joining-up,butt joining or cross-welding.
Altrasonic series ultrasonic harness welding machine suitable for copper-aluminum harness, metal braid wire, metal stranded wire, harness terminal, enameled wire, electric machine lead wire and harness, aluminum wire welding.

Altrasonic series ultrasonic harness welding machine are widely used in automobile, electronics and electrical industry, communication equipment, mechanical equipment, instrumentation and other fields.


The principle of ultrasonic welding is generated by the ultrasonic generator tens of kilohertz ultrasonic power through the magnetic transducer to produce ultrasonic vibration of the mechanical frequency. The welding cutter is set in the proper position of the end, and the chopper must produce a mechanical vibration called alternating shear stress. Aluminum wire and chip aluminum welding surface of the oxide film is damaged, and because of friction, the interface produce a certain amount of heat to the welding of aluminum wire and the aluminum pad on the chip has a certain plastic deformation, the aluminum atomic metal contact close to form a strong bond.



1. The welding enameled wire does not need to remove the surface insulation paint in advance, and can be directly welded without any solder or auxiliary materials.

2. The cross section density of the ultrasonic welding part is better, and it is difficult to form a cavity.

3. Ultrasonic welding has a very low or nearly zero resistivity, better conductivity, and improved durability.

4. Ultrasonic welding joints will not generate heat accumulation, which will cause local temperature rise and cause hidden quality hazards such as metal workpiece burnout.

5. Ultrasonic welding is extremely affected by external moisture, dust, oil and gas and other adverse factors, and it is not easy to cause rust and oxidation of metal parts, which will cause the degradation of conductive performance and signal transmission performance.

6. For metal workpieces, ultrasonic welding will not reduce the conductivity due to corrosion and oxidation of the copper wire inside the welding point after long-term use, resulting in functional failure.

7. Ultrasonic welding can minimize the temperature effect of the material (the temperature of the weld zone does not exceed 50% of the absolute melting temperature of the metal being welded), so that the metal structure does not change.





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