35khz 1000w Auto Operation Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine for Automotive Harness Wiring

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35khz 1000w Auto Operation Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine for Automotive Harness Wiring



Ultrasonic wiring harness welding is the use of high-frequency vibration wave to the two welding wire to be welded surface. In the case of pressurization, the two wire harness surfaces are rubbed against each other to form a fusion between the molecular layers. The advantages of ultrasonic wiring harness welding are high-speed, energy saving, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no spark and close to cold working. The disadvantages of ultrasonic wiring harness welding are metallic parts can’t be too thick(generally less than or equal to 5mm ), the welding bit can’t be too big and need to be pressurized.




The principle of ultrasonic welding is generated by the ultrasonic generator tens of kilohertz ultrasonic power through the magnetic transducer to produce ultrasonic vibration of the mechanical frequency. The welding cutter is set in the proper position of the end, and the chopper must produce a mechanical vibration called alternating shear stress. Aluminum wire and chip aluminum welding surface of the oxide film is damaged, and because of friction, the interface produce a certain amount of heat to the welding of aluminum wire and the aluminum pad on the chip has a certain plastic deformation, the aluminum atomic metal contact close to form a strong bond.


Difference between ultrasonic metal welding and ultrasonic plastic welding :


1.different ways of working. Usually, the vibration direction of the welding head in the ultrasonic plastic welding is perpendicular to the welding position, and the vibration direction of the welding head in the ultrasonic welding is parallel to the welding position.In some special cases, plastic welding can also be used in parallel direction, such as thin plastic parts.

2.for the ultrasonic apply to weld mental, ultrasonic welding should meet higher requests; relative to ordinary plastic welding, power capacity, power density, stability and automation control and other aspects of the requirements, it’s not the same level. Now the domestic ultrasonic plastic welding with the basic use of self-excited circuit, typical representative: 8400,8700 full-bridge circuit and Taiwan's commonly used half-bridge circuit, a significant feature for a tuning inductance. If the existing mature technology used for plastic welding directly to the metal welding, the technical congenital deficiency, will lead to the use of the product unstable; its only advantage is cheap, but for the high demand of metal welding itself. This advantage is very pale.




1.Two welding objects overlap, by ultrasonic vibration pressure into a solid form, the bonding time is short, and the joint part does not produce casting organization (rough surface) defects.

2.Ultrasonic welding and resistance welding method, the mold life is long, mold renovation and replacement time is small, and easy to achieve automation.

3.The same kind of metal can be between different kinds of metal ultrasonic welding, compared with the cost of electricity is much less energy.

4.Ultrasonic welding and other pressure compared to the requirements of the smaller pressure, and the amount of change in the following 10%, while the cold welding of the workpiece deformation of 40% -90%.

5.Ultrasonic welding does not require the pretreatment of the surface to be welded and the post-weld post-treatment as well as other welding.

6.Treatment of ultrasonic welding without flux, metal filler, external heating and other external factors.

7.Ultrasonic welding can minimize the temperature effect of the material (the temperature of the weld zone does not exceed 50% of the absolute melting temperature of the metal being welded), so that the metal structure does not change, so it is suitable for welding applications in the electronics field.



1. High fusion strength;

2. Close to the cold processing, the workpiece is not annealed, no oxidation traces;

3.Good electrical conductivity after welding, resistance coefficient is very low or almost zero

4.On the surface of the welding metal is low, oxidation or plating can be welded

5.Welding time is short, without any flux, gas, solder;

6.welding is no spark which is environment-friendly and safe




 The welding metal pieces can not be too thick, the solder joints can not be too large, need to pressurize.


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