35kHz Low Noise Ultrasonic Seamless Sewing Machine

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35kHz Low Noise Ultrasonic Seamless Sewing Machine



The ultrasonic sewing machine is suitable for sewing synthetic textiles, in alternative to the traditional sewing with yarn. The modern arm of the sewing machine is swinging which assures adjusting the machine to numerous productive and ergonomic demands. The ultrasonic generator is driven by 800 W power motor with a frequency of 35 kHz. It has an ability to adjust different parameters including driving pressure, vibration amplitude, transport speed and welding quote. Changing the transportation and counter-piece wheel, it is possible to obtain few welding geometries for gaining the simulated seams with variable designs.




1.Fast and cost-effective weaving;

2.Resilient seams;

3.No need for consumables such as tape, clips or glue;

4.Constant results;

5.No cooling times and reduced maintenance costs;

6.No shooting time for the stapler tool;

7.Edging in one operation;

8.No need for needles, thread, spools and any activities related to color matching, inventories, winding and trimming;

9.Environmentally-friendly because it does not need any adhesives and solvents;

10. Edges get sealed without leaving any stitch holes, thus preventing penetration from chemical agents, bloodborne pathogens and other particles.



Typical applications include protective garments, disposable hospital gowns and shoe covers, face masks, infants' nursery garments, filters, bags, curtains, sails, no-woven and web splicing.

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