3000W High Power Ultrasonic Probe Serical for Essential Oil Extraction Handing the Crude Oil 12-16° API

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3000W High Power Ultrasonic Probe Serical for Essential Oil Extraction Handing the Crucle Oil 12-16° API



Altrasonic has created China's first High power vibration ultrasonic cavitation erosion system in full accordance with American Society for testing Materials ASTM G32-06 standard.  In additional, we cooperated with the Friction and Wear of Materials Research domestic authority---Lanzhou Institue of chemical physics Jointly development research. Lanzhou Institue of chemical physics is in the leading of in the research materials cavitation erosion, and has a State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication. We Combine their own strengths in the ultrasonic field of research and development, therefore our high-power ultrasonic Vibration ultrasonic cavitation erosion system has been endorsed unanimously by the user.

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Model Number:


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Minimum Order Quantity:




Packaging Details:

Packed in wooden cartons.

Delivery Time:

10 working days after received your payment

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

1000pcs per month










40±1 KHz

20±1 KHz

20±1 KHz

20±1 KHz

20±1 KHz


100 W

1000 W

1500 W

2000 W

3000 W


220±10% V

220±10% V

220±10% V

220±10% V

220±10% V


150 ℃

150 ℃

300 ℃

300 ℃

300 ℃




35 MPa

35 MPa

35 MPa

Intensity of sound

10 W/cm²

10 W/cm²

30 W/cm²

40 W/cm²

60 W/cm²

Max Capacity

100M L/Min

5 L/Min

15 L/Min

20 L/Min

30 L/Min

Material Of Tip Head

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy


Key Features:  

1. Ultrasound probe is imported titanium alloy material, durable 
2. Energy-efficient transducer to ensure a strong effect 
3. Amplitude automatic adjustment, the load situation of the different amplitude consistent 
4. Working hours, ultrasound can set the interval 
5. Microcomputer control, ultrasonic power continuously adjustable 
6. Integrated sample temperature control to prevent overheating 
7. Speakers are separated by a special sound insulation, sound insulation 



Cosmetics, emulsion, bath shampoo, ointment, tooth paste, oil, perfume, beverage, pharmaceuticals, coating and adhesive etc..


Main Characteristic: 


1. In full accordance with American Society for Testing Materials ASTM G32-06 standard design and manufacturing

2. The sample amplitude can be adjusted by the user required

3. Test fluid temperature can be real-time monitoring and adjustment, ensure the accuracy of the experiment.

4. Sample test Interval can be adjusted by the user required

5. Sample amplitude, frequency parameter can be Real-time display,Monitoring and adjustment

6. Ultrasonic vibration stable, reliable, less fever heat.

7. All of System parameters through standard testing, result of a measurement have Highly comparable.


System compose and parameter 


1. Basic compose


High-power cavitation erosion ultrasonic system is composed of three parts:

ultrasonic system, constant temperature oil bath container system and frame lifting system.

Ultrasonic system is the main core part of the complete system. It is used to supply largest power vibration for the system, in order to makes amplitude and frequency to reach standard requirements. Constant temperature oil bath container system is used to supply constant temperature liquid environment for insuring the test specimen test accuracy. (Temperature change will infuse erosion rate directly) frame lifting system is used to fix and adjust complete system, and designed sound proof function.


2. Working method


Placed the standard test specimen on the bracket tray; if with screw test specimen, please install on the horn directly. Then immerse the test specimen into the test liquid, and turn on the system. Please adjust the system every parameters according to experimental requirements, and observe the vibration frequency, amplitude ect through signal control system. Owing to it will produce larger noise when it works; there is a sound proof enclosure for reducing noise damage to people’s ear.

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