20khz Ultrasonic Customized Cutting Machine for Strap/Webbing

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Ultrasonic cutting system, the main components include ultrasonic generator (drive power), ultrasonic transducer, horn, cutting knife (tool head) and the output lines, control lines. Ultrasonic drive power will be converted into high-frequency high-voltage AC current, lost to the ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducer is actually equivalent to an energy conversion device, it can enter the input energy into mechanical energy, that is, ultrasonic waves. Its manifestation is the transducer in the longitudinal back and forth telescopic movement. The frequency of the telescopic motion is equivalent to the frequency of the high frequency AC current supplied from the drive power supply. The effect of the horn is to fix the entire ultrasonic vibration system, and the other is to amplify the output amplitude of the transducer. The cutter (tool head) further amplifies the amplitude on one hand, focusing the ultrasound. On the other hand is the output of ultrasonic waves, the use of cutting knife similar to the edge, the ultrasonic energy concentrated input to the cutting material cutting parts. The site in the huge ultrasonic energy under the effect of instant softening, melting, strength greatly reduced. At this point, as long as the application of a small cutting force, you can achieve the purpose of cutting materials.

The difference between traditional cutting and ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting machine is the use of wave energy for cutting equipment, the main t feature is not to use the traditional edge.
The traditional cutting utilizes a tool with a sharp edge to press the cutting material. The pressure is concentrated at the edge of the blade, the pressure is very large, more than the shear strength of the cutting material , then the material is cut open. As the material is cut by a strong pressure, so the cutting tool edge should be very sharp and the material itself has to bear the relatively large pressure. Therefore the cutting effect for the soft, flexible material is not good, especially more difficult for sticky material.


Model HSC20
Frequency 20KHZ
Output Power 1000W
Generator Digital generator
Handle Φ44×220
Size of cutter Blade replaceable
Length of cable 3M
Outer skin Aluminum
Weight 8KG
Voltage 220V / 110V
Accessory Foot switch 1pc;Cut blade 2pcs;
1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;Screw M3×4L 2pcs
Material of blade titanium alloy, stainless steel

Ultrasonic multi-function cutter applies to:

  • Natural fibers
  • Synthetic fiber
  • Thin plastic products(Such as plastic film, cell phone case)
  • All types of paper, bottom film
  • Rubber, silicone
  • Repair of printed circuit board copper foil
  • ABS,PP,PE … other organic plastic sheet less than 2mm
  • Various types of synthetic fabrics

The device features:

1.No need the sharp knife and large push, no damage of plastic

2. Small frictional resistance, no cutting material stick to the blade

3. Fast cutting speed, save labor cost

4. Safe operating, lower energy consumption, no noise

5. Easy operating ,easy installation

The following table presents the company tests for different material thickness, the recommended cutting speed data.

Cutting Material Thickness Cutting speed
ABS/PE 2mm 4mm/s
3mm 2mm/s
4mm 1mm/s
PVC 2mm 15mm/s
Asian gram force 2mm 3mm/s
Non-woven fabric 3mm 2mm/s
Chloroprene rubber 5mm Easy to cut
Corrugated paper 8mm Easy to cut
Plywood 2.5mm Easy to cut
Glass fiber resin 1.5mm Easy to cut
Thick cardboard 1.5mm Easy to cut
Linen 2mm Easy to cut
Urethane 3mm Easy to cut
Nylon/PP 3mm Easy to cut

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