20Khz 2000W Ultrasonic Reactor for Liquid Dealing

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Brief Introduction of 20Khz 2000W Ultrasonic Reactor for Liquid Dealing

Focus on full power series ultrasonic equipment can apply in level laboratory and industrial chemical process, meet the requirements of all users.it has the following features:

Strong ultrasonic power density,can handle liquid of low power density which is unable to process.

Solve the problem of acoustic processing industries.

Acceleration response, can greatly shorten the process time.

Increase extraction yield, increase utilization rate of raw material,save resources.

Reducing energy consumption.

Save the catalyst

Breaking macromolecular chain.

Less investment,easy to install

Suitable for high pressure, high temperature,toxic,explosive dangerous environment application.

The basic principle of Ultrasonic Reactor:

Mechanical action chemical reaction system,introducing ultrasonic can give substance to be forced to exercise,accelerated the transfer and diffusion of material,can replace mechanical agitation,can make the material from the surface,so that the interface updates.

Cavitation role in some cases,the effect of ultrasonic generation are associated with cavitation mechanism,the acoustic cavitation is refers to under the effect of sound waves,exists in the tiny air bubbles in the liquid (hole) in a series of dynamic process: oscillation,expand,shrink and collapse.In the event of a cavitation,a great difference to local state of liquid, extreme high temperature and high pressure is produced.

Areas of application of Ultrasonic Reactor:

Sound chemistry can be applied to almost all the chemical reactions,such as the extraction and separation,synthesis and degradation,microorganism,biodiesel production,management,biological degradation of toxic organic pollutants degradation process,biological cell crushing,dispersion,condensation and purification,and wastewater treatment and antiscaling descaling areas and so on.

Specification of Ultrasonic ReactorSome Application of Ultrasonic Reactor

Ultrasonic Reactor can be customized according to the customersactual situation and requirements.

Ultrasonic Power:500w-2000w

Frequency: 20 KHZ

The input voltage: 110 v to 240 v;50 hz 60 hz

Ultrasonic Horn length: Standard or customized

The length of the bracket: 50 cm or customized

Material:   titanium alloy

Power adjustment: continuous working type, the adjusting range is 60%- 100%

According to deal with all kinds of liquid,objects,the corrosion of the reaction condition and size of reaction tank, to design the suitable size of ultrasonic reactor and choose the suitable material.

Pls tell us your requirments,we will design and give more informations accordingly.

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