15Khz Piezo Transducer with 6pcs Ceramics for Plastic Welding Machine

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15Khz  Piezo Transducer with 6pcs Ceramics for Plastic Welding Machine


Ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most mature and reliable device is a device that converts electrical energy to sound energy with the effect of piezoelectric. It is called a piezoelectric transducer. This type of transducer produces a stable ultrasonic wave when the load changes. 




Model HS-6015-6Z
Frequency 15khz
Output power 2600watt
Joint bolt 1/2-20UNF
Ceramic disc Diameter 60 mm
Quantity of Ceramic discs6 6 pcs
Capacitance 19~25 nf ,
Amplitude 18um
Application Welding 




Ultrasonic Converters and Ultrasonic Transducers are one in the same. Our transducer can applied in the following ultrasonic machines:

Ultrasonic welding machine

All material with thermoplasticity can use Ultrasonic welding machine ,

it can welding the material more easy and stable.Such like plastic, fabric,

ABS, nonwovens.

Ultrasonic cutting machine

Ultrasonic food cutting is popular because the perfect edge.

Ultrasonic cutting in packing area also welcomed, it can cutting and sealing

at the same.

Ultrasonic sewing machine

Ultrasonic sewing can sewing the material without any cotton, and keep

longer time.


Competitive Advantage:

1.High conversion efficiency

1.Low price of raw materials 

2.Convenient production

3.Not easy to aging

4.Wide scope of application

What we can do for you?


1. OEM - special custom-made the ultrasonic transducers or parts for you, and save cost for you.

2. Supply Replacement converter - Including NTK, Branson CJ20, CR20, 922JA..., Dukane 110-3122, Rinco brand and so on.

3. For some special items, you can provide us with samples, then we can give you a competitive price and custom-made it for you.


CE Certification:


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