What factors need to be considered when producing ultrasonic molds?

2018-07-16 16:45:53

What factors need to be considered when producing ultrasonic molds?


When you see the ultrasonic mold, you may feel that the design and production of the ultrasonic mold must be very simple. In fact, the design of the ultrasonic mold is not as simple as its shape, but requires professional knowledge and skills. When using a mishandled or untuned weld head, it will cause damage to your production. It will not only damage the welding effect, but also directly cause damage to the ultrasonic metal welding machine transducer or generator.

Various factors to be considered in the production of ultrasonic molds:

1. The process of completing the mold of the ultrasonic metal welding machine is complicated, and it is an aspect of the ultrasonic technology which represents the depth of technology. Even if you have several years of design and development experience, only through strict testing and quality control can you produce a good welding head, only the acoustic characteristics and mechanical characteristics of the welding head can be perfectly combined to ensure that the welding head can ultrasonically The mechanical vibration of the transducer conversion can be effectively transmitted to the workpiece, so that the welding can be continued stably, in order to make an ultrasonic mold that conforms to the customer's product.

2, the shape of the product

What kind of welding/welding process, ultrasonic mold size, pressure transmission area, deformation that may occur during welding/fusion, how much power and function are required, and whether welding/welding can be completed at one time.

3. Plastic properties of the product

Determine the working amplitude of the ultrasonic mold. The product should receive ultrasonic energy, the form, position and size of the energy guiding line. How to design contact positions, etc. when combining different plastics. These various factors must be considered, as well as quality after-sales protection. In short, what is built is not that simple.

4. Product requirements

Determine the service life and wear rate of the ultrasonic metal welding machine mold, thus determining which metal to use.

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