What are the advantages of ultrasonic food processing?

2021-01-12 15:35:23


What are the advantages of ultrasonic food processing?


1. Cleaner, repeatable and more consistent slits and cuts

2. Substantially reduced down time for clean up

3. Outstanding cut aesthetics for multi-layered and delicate products (cakes, sandwiches, baked goods, layered chees and pate products).

4. Wider cutting temperature range

5. Cuts cleanly through various densities and consistencies of products with filler materials (nuts, sultanas, fruit pieces, chocolate chips,etc.)

6. Cuts edges cleanly without pinching, compressing or feathering for higher yield in packaging

7. Cutting speeds can be increased substantially

8. Ease of use - uncomplicated and user friendly.

9. Flexibility in adapting the Dukane Food Cutting equipment to existing conventional slitting and cutting equipment.

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