Ultrasonic welding machine technology is used in the automotive industry

2019-11-04 15:58:06


Ultrasonic welding equipment can weld the following automotive parts.

Car glove box welding machine

Material: PP

Features: Can replace the use of screws, buttons and other auxiliary welding; good appearance. Applying the latest vibration and friction welding process can avoid part deformation and surface shrinkage that occur in conventional hot plate welding.

Car bumper welding machine

The 220V, 60Hz is converted into 20KHz high-voltage electric energy, which is converted into mechanical energy by vibrators. Such mechanical vibration is transmitted to the workpiece through the transmission, and the generated thermal energy is used to break the molecular structure, so that the surface of the workpiece is melted and joined, and the firm strength is comparable to that of the body plastic. Car bumper welding machine car bumper special welding machine car bumper special welding machine car bumper special welding machine car bumper welding machine car bumper welding machine.

Automobile intake manifold welding machine

Material: Nylon

Features: Improve air tightness, can improve engine performance; plastic instead of aluminum can effectively reduce weight, parts manufacturing costs and investment costs.

Car dashboard

Material: ABS

Features: high strength, good sealing; no need to use fasteners, adhesives and other accessories; can avoid scratching the instrument panel lens.

Car taillight welding machine

Material: ABS and acrylic resin

Features: high water tightness, good strength, clear and beautiful welding line, the application of vibration friction welding process can effectively avoid the discoloration of transparent materials caused by traditional hot plate welding.

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