Ultrasonic mask welding machine

2021-05-27 13:31:19

The ultrasonic mask welding machine uses high-frequency vibration waves to be transmitted to the surfaces of two objects to be welded. Under pressure, the surfaces of the two objects are rubbed against each other to form a fusion between the molecular layers.

Some indentations can be seen everywhere on the mask, such as the edges, ear straps, and exhalation valve are all ultrasonically welded. As shown in the figure above, in the production process of masks, we can intuitively understand the welding of all-plastic nose bridge, welding after hemming, breathing valve welding, multi-layer seam welding, and ear band welding. These are actually all made by ultrasonic welding. Finished.

When ultrasonic waves act on the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, it will produce tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second. This kind of high-frequency vibration with a certain amplitude will transmit the ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper weldment. Because the welding area is two The acoustic resistance at the welding interface is large, so local high temperature will be generated. In addition, due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, it cannot be distributed in time for a while, and it gathers in the welding area, causing the contact surface of the two plastics to melt rapidly, and after a certain pressure is applied, they are merged into one.

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