Ultrasonic food cutting machine

2021-05-26 16:53:51

During the process of food processing, cutting plays an important role in the processing of the entire food. Ultrasonic cutting is gradually widely used in its precise cutting technology. Ultrasonic food processing is an effective method for cutting, slice, forming, aligning or transferring various foods.

Ultrasonic food cutting machine is ultrasonic technique to transmit ultrasonic waves to cutting blades, generating high-frequency vibration of 20 kHz, 30 kHz or 40 kHz, thereby segmenting the processed food and processing process. According to different cutting materials and cutting area, the corresponding cutter head size and width can be manufactured to meet cut requirements such as different area, thickness.

Cutting knife application range
Ultrasonic cutting can cover soft, hard, warm, freezing and multi-layer foods, etc., often used to cut foods such as desserts, dairy products, cheese and meat. Whether it is a soft or hard food or a food such as fat, carbohydrate, dairy or chocolate, can be cut very uniform.

Ultrasonic processing technology is gradually maturing, and the application in food cutting is gradually increased. The high-quality food cutting effect brings huge changes to the food processing industry to further improve the threshold of food processing. Ultrasonic food cutting accuracy is high, and the non-stick knife is characterized by the upgrade of food cutting technology. Ultrasonic cutting not only improves the overall speed of food cut, but also makes great progress on the structure, shape, and behavior of food. Ultrasonic food cuts compared to traditional cutting, there is a feature of cutting speed, better cut quality, etc., and the food processing industry also begins to select ultrasonic cutting. When using ultrasonic cutting equipment, you need to pay attention to the precautions for operation, familiar with products in advance, which can be more efficient and safely cut.

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