Ultrasonic Zipper Welding

2021-01-22 17:50:24

 Ultrasonic Zipper Welding machine is a special equipment developed by our company according to the characteristics of our customers. The device integrates intelligent systems and enables a high degree of automated production. This device replaces the traditional zipper stitching process. Cloth and zipper use this equipment without waste, which can save raw materials and increase the efficiency of zipper stitching by more than 10 times.

Ultrasonic Zipper Welding uses ultrasonic welding technology to roll and zip fasteners together. Piezoelectric ceramic transducer plastic zipper output is strong and stable, titanium alloy horn plastic welding machine is durable. Its production effect meets the customer's needs, the welding is firm, the welding edge is accurate, the appearance is smooth, and the zipper welding is symmetrically punched and flat and symmetrical. The ultrasonic system has a strong output and stable performance. It can automatically feed, automatically divide the material and deliver it to the ultrasonic station for processing. Intelligent control panel and user-friendly interface for quick and easy use. Imported punching station, punching and leveling, fast and automatic output, and collecting produced products, thereby reducing labor and improving efficiency.


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