Ultrasonic Smart Card Welding

2021-01-22 17:50:40


Ultrasonic Smart Card Welding machine is a professional equipment for smart card embedding, used for sheet welding positioning and antenna implantation.

The Ultrasonic Smart Card Welding machine introduced by our company has been upgraded in the matching problem. Even if there is some wear on the buried wire, the drive power generator can quickly search and accurately find the frequency of the plug, thus ensuring stable operation of the entire ultrasonic system. The service life of the welding head will be extended by 2-3 times, saving the loss for the majority of users. Compared with similar products on the market, this kind of equipment can increase power by 30% and last for a long time.

Ultrasonic Smart Card Welding enables direct welding of enameled wires. Solder joints have the following benefits:

1. The solder joint is firm and can eliminate the solder joint technically.

2. The solder joints are the same size, uniform lines and good consistency.

3. The solder joint is small, does not increase the quality of the coil, and is easy to press the package.

4. Eliminate the immersion tin process before welding, eliminating the need for operating staff.

5. After welding, it is faster to finish welding a product than to use a soldering iron.

6. The production process will not produce waste gas waste pollution, and work quietly and without noise.

7. Ultrasonic selects the frequency of 60KHz, and the welding speed is fast.

8. Low power consumption can save a lot of production costs for production companies.


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