The best Christmas gift-Teamwork

2018-12-26 13:32:26

Christmas is one of the most important festival around the world now.People celebrate it by their traditional way in different countries.Yesterday is Christmas Eve, families all over the world  gather around dinner tables. Same for the Altrasonic family, we are making dumplings together in this joyous day.

The dumplings have a variety of fillings such as meat, vegetables or a mix of these, so we need to take all the necessary ingredients to the company from house and then make dumplings together. Beef, pasta, Swiss roll, sushi, vegetable salad and fruits are available too.Lee and Mars are responsible for handling the fillings for dumplings, Hogo, Mr.Li and Ms He need to prepare vegetables salad, wash dishes and pans, Tom, Pat, Vicky and Garry make dumplings.

We play games and eat dumplings and the ones who finish the ration of dumplings in the most fast speed will be rewarded-a golden egg.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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