The Performance of Impedance Analyzer

2018-08-17 16:35:30

The Performance of Impedance Analyzer

Performance feature

1. High-speed impedance analyzer suitable for high-speed test system

2. 0.1% accuracy, fast measurement (100 times/s)

3. High comparability with test data of international brands

4. Keyboard lock function, power data protection function

5. Simplified Chinese or English operation interface

6. Frequency response characteristics of impedance, scanning function, analysis function

7. Support U disk upgrade instrument software

8. 50 sets of test files in the instrument and 500 sets of test files on usb flash disk can be         invoked at any time.

9. Rich interface, RS232C, USB DEVICE, HANDLER, GPIB (optional) 


Equipped with impedance analysis computer software will be more powerful:

1. Judging product defects by admittance circle and logarithmic curve

2. Test data can be stored, printed and traceable on a computer

3. Printable impedance scan curve for sample sending analysis and archiving

4. One key to start test function, simple operation, high production efficiency


Impedance analysis software measurement results 

The impedance analyzer can measure and evaluate the parameters and performance of various devices, such as piezoelectric ceramic, piezoelectric transducer and buzzer.Judging by impedance - phase - frequency curve and admittance circle.

Rich data preservation and image preservation functions

1.New parameter results are used to create a new EXCEL file to save the test parameters such as resonant frequency, antiresonant frequency, and resonance impedance.

The result of the open parameter is used to open and view the saved EXCEL document.

3. Save sweep frequency data is used to save the r-x values measured during scanning

4. Save the scan graph used to save the scan graph

5. Save setting condition is used to save the scanning measurement condition set this time, which can be called directly next time.

6.Load setting conditions are used to invoke previously used measurement files based on file names.


Upper and lower limits are convenient for judging whether the product is qualified or not


Various coordinate characteristic diagrams

Impedance analysis computer software can mainly provide the following coordinate characteristic diagram:

(1) impedance coordinate system RXF coordinate curve

(2) logarithmic coordinate system

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