Plane Medical Mask Making Machine for Ultrasonic Spot Welder

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Plane Medical Mask Making Machine for Ultrasonic Spot Welder



Ultrasonic mask machine, including feeding, plastic strip type aluminum strip insertion / unfolding, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc., are fully automated. The output is extremely high, which can produce 1-200 pieces per minute. The main power is frequency-converted, which can be fast or slow. Different masks can be produced using different materials. The product has two layers and three layers. The product has stable quality, convenient operation, low noise and small footprint.


1. Aluminum alloy frame, strong and beautiful, finished product size;

2.Stainless steel fixture, adjustable left and right;

3.Tension wheel setting to adjust the tension of the cloth web, so as to effectively improve the appearance and flatness of the finished product;

4. Independent nasal line delivery group for easy adjustment and maintenance.



1. Working power: voltage 220VAC ± 5% 50kHz

2. Compressed air: 0.5-0.7Mpa, using flow rate of about 9KM

3. Operating environment: temperature 10-35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable and corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness no less than 100,000)

4. Production efficiency: 50-100Pm (efficiency per minute)

5. Equipment production qualification rate: 98% (except for improper operation by employees)

6. Equipment modification rate: 2%





Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.


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