PC Controled Ultrasonic Generator with LCD Screen

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Product Details

PC Controled Ultrasonic Generator with LCD Screen 


Minimum Order Quantity:

1 Set


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Packaging Details:

Wood case

Delivery Time:

In 7 Working Days 

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

200 Sets/Month


Quick Detail:

A variety of frequency selection
High power
Low energy consumption





The digital generator will converted into city electrical 220V/50Hz to high frequency, high power

 strong current to drive ultrasonic transducer. 


Frequency 15K 20K 28K 30K 35K 40K
Power   1500W 1500W 2000W 1200W 1200W 800W 1000W 800W 600W
Transducer 6015-4Z 6015-4Z 5020-4Z 5020-4Z 3828-4Z 3828-4Z 3030-4Z 3535-4D 3040-4Z
Capacitance 12.5-13.5NF 12.5-13.5NF 11-12NF 11-12NF 7.5-8NF 7.5-8NF 5-6NF 7-8NF 5-6NF
Frequency 14.75-14.85 14.75-14.85 19.75-19.90 19.75-19.90 27.75-27.85 27.75-27.85 29.75-29.90 34.75-34.90 39.75-39.90
Impedance <10 <10 <10Ω <10Ω <10Ω <10Ω <10Ω <10Ω <10Ω
Work Type  impulse continuous impulse continuous impulse continuous impulse impulse impulse




Ultrasonic generator main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer.


Ultrasonic generator is applied to all kinds of ultrasonic equipment, mainly with ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic chemical equipment and ultrasonic welding equipment such as non-woven fabric.


Competitive Advantage:

1.LCD screen ,can chase the frequency itself at the range 300hz,such like 15Khz , can chase it around 14.6-15.2Khz.

2. Automatic tuning,can chase it frequency during the work too. if the horn tempreture is too high , the frequency will change , the generator can chase it too.

3.Can adjust the Amplitude automatic at the range 50%~100%.

4. Alarming System protection detection :

    Over-current protection

    Over-voltage protection

    Overtemperature Protection

5.Can setting  the delay time, weld time, cooling time and fall time.


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