OEM Customize Sonotronic Ultrasonic Transducer

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 OEM Customize Sonotronic Ultrasonic Transducer


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10 Set


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Foam case

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In 7 Working Days 

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5000 Sets/Month








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Do too many customers having issues with their existing ultrasonic transducer of the attached design we have done an upgrade.

This upgrade has now been running at some customers for more than 1 year, where they before had failures every 3-4 month.  

We can customize transducer as following brand:


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An ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electrical ultrasonic energy into ultrasound energy, or sound waves above the normal range of human hearing. While technically a dog whistle is an ultrasonic transducer that converts ultrasonic mechanical energy in the form of air pressure into ultrasonic sound waves, the term is more apt to be used to refer to ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers that convert electrical energy into ultrasound.

Piezoelectric crystals have the property of changing size when a voltage is applied, thus applying an alternating current (AC) across them causes them to oscillate at very high frequencies, thus producing very high ultrasonic frequency sound waves.

The location at which a ultrasonic transducer focuses the ultrasound can be determined by the active ultrasonic transducer area and shape, the ultrasound frequency, and the ultrasonic sound velocity of the propagation medium.

We are offering following services:

• Analysis of the requirements for the ultrasonic converter from view point of the technical demands, the environment conditions, the costs and the manufacturing technology.

• Identification and interpretation of suitable transducers technologies for gases, solid states and liquids and application in lab, industry, automotives and consumer products.

• Optimization of sound converters with the help of simulation models (FEA).

• Production of experimental ultrasonic transducer models and prototypes.

• Electric-acoustic characterization of transducers and specification of the necessary components.

• Production of prototype series of ultrasonic converters as well as support concerning suitable  production technology including quality assurance and the manufacturing introduction.

• OEM delivery of complete ultrasonic transducers.




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