Crazy medical mask machine

2020-03-06 16:53:48

The production of mask machines is actually not complicated, starting from slitting non-woven fabrics, to origami machines, ultrasonic welding machines or resistance hot presses, hemming machines, die-cutting or laser forming machines, laser coding machines, disinfection Sterilizers, and finally packers, etc. In fact, there are mature stand-alone equipment or head parts on the market. As long as the PLC action is programmed and the action is coordinated, it can generally be assembled.


Production process of medical protective mask


Mask forming pressing trimming breathing valve welding ear band spot welding nose bridge line fitting breathing valve punching packaging sterilization analysis (EO sterilization) finished product


The fully automatic machine is relatively time-saving and efficient. The raw materials are hung on the rack, the machine automatically feeds, and one body machine drags two to three ear band machines for automatic production.


The production of medical protective masks is generally fully automatic or semi-automatic equipment.


Semi-automatic equipment includes mask forming machine, mask pressing machine, mask trimming machine, breathing valve punching machine (if breathing valve is used), nose bridge line fitting machine, earband spot welding machine, breathing valve welding machine (if available) Breathing valve); Full-automatic equipment includes full-automatic flat mask machine, full-automatic folding mask machine, etc., which are expensive but time-saving and efficient.

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