Composition of ultrasonic mask welding machine

2021-05-27 13:37:51

Ultrasonic generator (power supply)
The ultrasonic generator converts the power current of 110VAC or 220VAC into high-frequency and high-voltage electrical signals. HCSONIC ultrasonic generator has the following advantages:

Lock the main resonance: All ultrasound systems have a main resonance (ideal working resonance), in addition, there will be a second (false) resonance. When the power is turned on, the HCSONIC ultrasonic generator will lock the primary resonance and ignore the secondary resonance.

Tracking the main resonance: During the ultrasound operation, the frequency of the main resonance may shift. As the temperature of the battery stack increases, the frequency may decrease (due to internal loss or heat transferred by the load), and the ultrasonic generator can automatically track the frequency shift and continue to work stably.

Automatically adjust the amplitude: HCSONIC ultrasonic generator can achieve the best control by controlling the output amplitude. The thickness of the welding material can be adjusted to ensure that the same welding can weld ordinary medical masks and KN95 professional masks.

Ultrasonic converter (transducer)
The ultrasonic transducer uses the high-frequency electrical signal from the ultrasonic generator and converts it into linear mechanical motion. This conversion is performed by using piezoelectric ceramic disks, which expand when a voltage is applied. The transducer used for ultrasonic rubber cutting is specially designed, and air can be introduced and discharged in it for cooling.

Ultrasonic booster (horn)
The ultrasonic horn is a tunable component that can mechanically adjust the displacement of the linear vibration of the transducer to the level required by the specific application to produce the best cutting performance. The ultrasonic horn also provides a safe, vibration-free location that can be installed on welding equipment or assembly lines.

Ultrasonic welding head (tool head)
The ultrasonic welding tool head is a custom tool designed to vibrate at a specific frequency. These tools are carefully designed using computer modeling techniques to achieve optimal performance and longevity. The ultrasonic welding head must be tuned to match the frequency of the system. This tuning procedure needs to consider the quality, length and geometry of the tool head. HCSONIC provides a variety of configurations, each of which is designed for specific applications to strictly ensure long-term good performance.

Ultrasonic mask welding machine (20K) power: 2000W

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