Commonly Materials Used By Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

2021-04-08 14:29:46

Ultrasonic metal welding equipment is not just a simple one. There are many types, such as ultrasonic wire beam welding machine, ultrasonic copper tube sealing machine and ultrasonic seam welding machine.

Theoretically speaking, the ultrasonic metal welding machine is mainly suitable for copper, aluminum, tin, nickel, gold, silver, molybdenum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal materials, such as plates, bars, iron wires, plates, etc., such as the realization of welds. The thickness is 2-4mm.

However, in fact, some hard metals cannot be welded at all. For example, gold, stainless steel and other materials can be welded instead of the current ultrasonic metal welder. Therefore, if you need welding materials, you can choose an ultrasonic metal welder.

The most common welding materials for ultrasonic metal welding machines are copper, aluminum, tin, silver and other soft titanium metals. However, these materials are also needed in the welding area, too large and too thick. Ultrasonic metal welding machine has fast speed, energy saving, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no sparks, close to cold working, and the welding effect is also very good, which can make you very satisfied. Of course, the welding material must not exceed the standard. It is too large or too thick.

The nickel mesh and the nickel sheet of the nickel-hydrogen battery are mutually fused.

Lithium battery and polymer battery copper foil and nickel sheet are mutually fused, and aluminum foil and aluminum sheet are mutually fused.

The wires are fused to each other, and the wires are fused into one and many, and the wire harness is welded.

The wires are fused with various electronic components, contacts, and connectors.

Mutual melting of large heat sinks, heat exchange fins and honeycomb cores of various household appliances and automotive products.

Leads of electronic components, relays, electromagnetic switches, non-fuse switches and other high current contacts, mutual fusion of dissimilar metal sheets.

The sealing and cutting of the metal pipe can be water and airtight.

In the welding process, it is necessary to understand the welding process clearly. Welded metal products are also relatively common in life, and the subsequent technical aspects will also be greatly improved.

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