Car Luggage Insulation Cotton Ultrasonic Welding Machine

2019-10-22 11:01:24

Car luggage insulation cotton ultrasonic welding sample

Features of auto trunk carpet sound-absorbing cotton multi-head ultrasonic pressing equipment

1. Use safety grating, alarm, emergency stop switch and other safety devices;

2. Each ultrasonic welding head is controlled separately, which can control the moving direction of welding head and separate blowing device;

3. Adopt four-pillar mold change structure;

4, the use of imported PLC controller Settings, more automatic operation;

5. Multiple sets of ultrasonic systems are used to control the welding head, and the welding head can also be switched back and forth;

6. Non-standard customization can be made according to customer requirements.


Car trunk soundproof cotton or car trunk carpet sound-absorbing cotton can be used for ultrasonic welding process, now should be more extensive, than the traditional gum process to save costs, for the spot welding spot more sound insulation cotton can be used for multi-head ultrasonic welding system.

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