Automobile steering wheel holster multi-head ultrasonic puncture welding machine

2019-10-21 15:59:56

The automobile steering wheel holster multi-head ultrasonic puncture welding machine is also called automobile leather ultrasonic pressing equipment. It is to weld the automobile interior parts and leather, adopt ultrasonic ultrasonic welding process, and design multi-station ultrasonic welding machine according to the customer's output. Ultrasonic welding is stable and firm.

Automotive steering wheel leather ultrasonic piercing welding sample

Solid welding to meet customer requirements.

Automotive leather ultrasonic compression equipment features:

1, using double-station to increase production;

2, the use of safety gratings, dual-start switches, alarm honey and other safety devices;

3, using pneumatic pressing device, each ultrasonic welding head is controlled by a separate cylinder;

4. Use plc control panel to accurately control parameters such as ultrasonic welding time and curing time;

5, the equipment can be designed according to customer requirements for non-standard design.

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