Automobile door panel guard ultrasonic piercing welding machine

2019-10-15 10:10:30

The automobile door panel guard ultrasonic piercing welding machine is also called the automobile door interior trim board multi-head welding tool. It is the ultrasonic piercing welding process to weld the two car door panel interior parts together, the strength meets the customer requirements, and the equipment is designed to be welded to the left and right symmetrical parts. The one-piece machine adopts plc control parameters to realize semi-automatic production.

Automotive door panel guard ultrasonic piercing welding sample

There are many places where ultrasonic piercing welding is required.

The lower parts of the car door panel are spliced together, and several points are fixed by ultrasonic welding.

Plane and plane welding can use ultrasonic puncture, but there will be scars on the surface, if the surface does not reduce the injury, generally use ultrasonic welding, to design ultrasonic welding line.


Characteristics of multi-head welding fixture for car door interior panel:


1. use start and emergency stop button, safety grating, honey alarm safety device;

2. The equipment can also weld the interior decoration of car door panel protection panel with symmetrical sides;

3. the bottom mold adopts pneumatic compression device, more firm and stable;

4. Adopt PLC controller to control welding time, curing time, etc.;

5. Equipped with pneumatic slide rail device, the product will automatically slide in and out after welding;

6. Adopt 28K welding head, each welding spot is equipped with separate ultrasonic welding gun, which is controlled by two ultrasonic electrical box systems;

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