Advantages of Ultrasonic Assembly

2020-10-29 11:29:16


There are many advantages to using ultrasonic assembly. It is a fast, clean, efficient, and repeatable process that produces strong, integral bonds while consuming very little energy. No solvents, adhesives, mechanical fasteners or external heat are required. Finished assemblies are strong and clean. Difficult materials can be assembled ultrasonically. Part assemblies are cycled quickly because the energy transferred to the joint and released as heat occurs very rapidly and is confined to the immediate joint area. The rapid dissipation of heat makes this process considerably faster than other methods of assembly. An ultrasonic assembly system’s tooling and/or application can be quickly changed offering flexibility and versatility not found in many other assembly processes. In addition, the relatively low-cost investment in ultrasonic equipment vs. its high reliability, long life, and consistent, repeatable performance, makes ultrasonic welding the preferred method of assembly. Ultrasonic assembly is widely accepted and is used in the automotive, medical, electrical and electronic, communications, appliance, consumer products, toys, textile and packaging industries. It is an economical process that can significantly increase production and lower assembly costs. Ultrasonic Welders can be easily integrated in automation manufacturing environment and 100 % all electric control of the latest equipment provides unprecedented repeatability, reliability and accuracy to the process.

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