Advantages Of Ultrasonic Atomization

2021-03-31 13:39:17

Compared with the traditional pneumatic two-fluid spraying, ultrasonic spraying equipment can achieve better uniformity, thinner coating thickness and higher precision. At the same time, because the ultrasonic nozzle can be atomized without the aid of air pressure, the use of ultrasonic spraying can significantly reduce the splashing of paint during the spraying process and realize the purpose of saving paint.

Principle of ultrasonic atomization

Ultrasonic atomization spraying uses piezoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical energy to atomize liquid. Ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation is used to atomize liquid into uniform micron-sized particles. Compared with traditional pressure nozzles, ultrasonic spraying can obtain a more uniform, thinner and more controllable film coating, and it is not easy to block the nozzles. Since the ultrasonic nozzle only needs a tiny air volume of kilopascals, there is almost no splash during the spraying process, so the paint utilization rate is as high as 90%.

Advantages of ultrasonic atomization spraying

Spray pattern is easy to shape, suitable for precise coating application

Can spray any shape object, uniform micron thick coating

Ultrasonic atomized spraying reduces downtime in critical manufacturing processes

Ultra-low flow capacity of ultrasonic atomization, can work intermittently or continuously

Highly controllable spray volume, more reliable spray quality

Low energy consumption, high atomization efficiency, less restriction on atomized liquid

It can reduce waste and air pollution caused by reverse injection and save costs

No pressure, no noise, no moving parts wear, no blockage

The atomizing nozzle is made of titanium material, which has strong height and corrosion resistance

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