20khz Ultrasonic Crushing Machine, Used For Crushing Animal And Plant Tissues, Cells, Bacteria And Spores

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20khz ultrasonic crushing machine, used for crushing animal and plant tissues, cells, bacteria and spores



It uses the dispersion effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid to cause the liquid to produce cavitation, thereby breaking the solid particles or cell tissue in the liquid. Ultrasonic pulverizer is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses strong ultrasound to produce cavitation effect in liquids and ultrasonically treat substances. It can be used for breaking animal and plant tissues, cells, bacteria, and spores. To emulsify, separate, disperse, homogenize, extract, degas, clean and accelerate chemical reactions. This machine is widely used in teaching, research and production in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology, agronomy, medicine, pharmacy, etc. Principle Ultrasonic cell crushing equipment is composed of two parts: ultrasonic vibration components and special ultrasonic drive power (ultrasonic generator).

Ultrasonic vibration components mainly include ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic horns, and ultrasonic tool heads for generating ultrasonic vibrations and emitting the vibration energy into the liquid. The transducer converts the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, namely ultrasound. Its manifestation is that the transducer stretches back and forth in the longitudinal direction, and the amplitude is generally several microns. Due to the insufficient amplitude, the ultrasonic transducer is connected to the horn to amplify the amplitude according to the design requirements, isolate the reaction solution and the ultrasonic transducer, and also play a role in fixing the entire ultrasonic vibration equipment. The tool head is connected with the horn, and the horn transmits the ultrasonic energy vibration to the tool head, and then the ultrasonic energy is emitted into the chemical reaction liquid by the tool head. Features There are two categories of products, laboratory grade and industrial grade, and various models (power 50W-3000W) to meet the needs of different customers. The energy conversion efficiency is high, reaching over 80%. The ultrasonic equipment has stable amplitude, long continuous working time, and the radiation area is 2.5 times larger than the traditional tool head. It adopts ultrasonic numerical control power supply, fully digital circuit control, and strong anti-interference ability. The frequency and power can be monitored in real time, and the power can be adjusted in stages, with automatic alarm protection function, and easy operation. Experimental ultrasonic sonochemical equipment is mainly used for laboratory tests or small-scale production. It has high frequency, small size, light weight, easy to carry, and has the characteristics of power frequency real-time monitoring and power adjustable.




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