20kHz Replacement Brason CJ20 Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

2019-07-01 14:01:46

20kHz Replacement Brason CJ20 Ultrasonic Welding Transducer







20 khz

Output power

2000 watt

Joint bolt

1/2-20 UNF

Ceramic disc Diameter

50 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

6 pcs


19-21 nf


20 um


welding machine




The 2000 Watt 20 KHz Ultrasonic Converter Direct replacement for the Branson CJ-20 (101-135-059) , that delivers lower cost, rugged quality and superior value.

First, all of the parts are all new.

The parts are made from certified materials in tightly controlled manufacturing processes, assembled and tested in a climate-controlled environment using carefully calibrated equipment, then properly aged and re-tested to ensure performance that duplicates the OEM part. 



We offer the same warranty as the OEM, namely, five years one-time replacement.

Simply ship the broken unit back to arrive within three years of original shipment, and it will be replaced (one time).


Applied Range:

Replacement ultrasonic converter for Branson model CJ-20 (101-135-059),
 for use with all 20KHz 2000 and 2000X actuator and IW systems.


Competitive Advantage:


1. Titanium materials

2. Once assembled, the transducers are aged before testing and final assembly. The properties of piezoelectric materials can change with time and pressure, so a bit of time on the shelf prior to testing will identify nonconforming material.

3. One by one testing to ensure that each transducer performance are excellent.

4. In good heat resistance, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.


What we can do for you:


1. OEM - special custom-made the ultrasonic transducers or parts for you, and save cost for you.

2. Supply Replacement converter - Including NTK, Branson CJ20, CR20, 922JA..., Dukane 110-3122, Rinco brand and so on.

3. For some special items, you can provide us with samples, then we can give you a competitive price and custom-made it for you.

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