1kHz-5MHz Ultrasonic Sonotrode Impedance Measuring Instrument

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1kHz-5MHz Ultrasonic Sonotrode Impedance Measuring Instrument


Description :


The new generation HS-520A series impedance analyzer is mainly used for impedance analysis and testing of ferroelectric crystals, piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric crystals, ultrasonic transducers, etc. It is a frequency sweep and impedance measurement analysis of piezoelectric devices and devices. The value-for-money solution makes it quick and easy to test the parameters of a piezoelectric device.

Some traditional models of ultrasonic impedance analyzers on the market need to run software on the computer to realize the scanning analysis function. In addition to the computer scanning analysis function, the HS-520A series ultrasonic impedance analyzer also provides the piezoelectric device impedance-frequency directly on the instrument. Scan curve analysis function. This eliminates the need for customers to configure one computer per instrument. This method not only ensures the test efficiency, but also reduces the test cost and is also convenient for customers to use on the production line.





Impedance Analyzer

HS520A Newest

Frequency Range


Basic Accuracy

< 0.5%

Scan Speed

5 sec/one pass (equivalent to 600 scan dots)(adjustable)

Frequency Accuracy

±10 ppm

Phase Accuracy

0.15 degree

Temperature Range

1040 degree Celsius

Impedance Range


Frequency Step

0.1Hz to Any

Measurable Accessories:

Ultrasonic Converter

Ultrasonic Transducer

Ultrasonic Booster







●High-speed impedance analyzer for high-speed test systems

● 0.1% test accuracy, fast measurement speed (100 times / sec)

●Comparable with international brand manufacturers test data

●Keyboard lock function, power-down data protection function

●Simplified Chinese and English operation interface

● Impedance frequency response characteristics scanning function, analysis function

●Support U disk upgrade instrument software

●Instrument 50 groups, U disk 500 group test files, can be called at any time

● Rich interface, RS232C, USB DEVICE, HANDLER, GPIB (optional)

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